FUNCTION is composed of the creative partnership between stylist and art director Moha Lami Audu
and writer and arts curator Ifeanyi Awachie.




FUNCTION educates corporate workplaces on blackness and contemporary Africa through targeted internal trainings that take the form of salons, workshops, and social gatherings.



FUNCTION generates programmes for exhibitions, festivals, art fairs, and fashion weeks. Using each event as an impetus for discussing the most compelling books, media, visual art, and style through critical questions and dynamic interaction, FUNCTION thoughtfully considers content and shapes spaces to produce the deepest connections with each event’s theme. 



 FUNCTION presents workshops, lectures, and projects at conferences based on their research and rigorous lived engagement with issues within art, fashion, film, music, literature, culture, race, and sexuality and gender.



 FUNCTION leverages its network and curates guest lists to create potent atmospheres for recreation and networking. Combining knowledge of fine dining, leisure, and nightlife with distinctive taste, FUNCTION handpicks venues, selects DJs, and manages logistical and administrative details to produce exuberant, elegant, and effective occasions.

“We’re part of a conversation about colonial violence because colonial authorities would not have wanted us to be interested in art — they only wanted us as workhorses and instruments that capitalism could use to produce goods for other people to consume. So art and fashion have always been these luxuries that were not for us. By insisting on our interest in these things, we’re addressing that violence and saying that we’re full human beings, we’re complex, we’re sensitive and creative and intuitive and artistic, and we definitely experience these violences, we definitely experience the microaggressions, the overt racism, the misogynoir. We talk about them all the time — but we’re more than that. FUNCTION is what happens when you focus on that more than.”

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